Severe Storms Cause Severe Damage

Severe Storms Cause Severe Damage

We offer 24-hour emergency storm repair services in Richmond, VA

When tragedy falls upon your home, you need immediate support. Sermat Construction Service Inc. in Richmond, Virginia offers 24/7 emergency home restoration services to help you when you need it most. We'll use boards and tarps to secure your home and make sure it's safe. From there, we'll tackle any water or fire damage to restore your home to its original condition.

Contact us today for your emergency storm repair.

When should you call for an emergency repair?

Not every repair is an emergency. However, there are many dangerous, potentially life-threatening situations that require emergency home restoration services.

You should contact us for 24-hour emergency services if...

  • A tree fell on your home or property.
  • Your pipes are frozen or leaking.
  • Someone vandalized your home.
  • There was a fire inside your house.

Are you dealing with severe storm damage? Schedule an emergency storm repair appointment in Richmond, Virginia today by calling 804-264-4800.